This is the issue…

Here is my problem… I like big yummy comfort food!  Mash, gravy, pizza, pies, pasta all not bad in moderation, but they end up saturating my diet with huge amounts of calories which is a down right pain!  Conversely I also enjoy healthier options too but ease of cooking and portion sizes are a bit of a constant issue.  My mum has said for ever that my eyes are bigger than my tummy. Well yes they clearly are!  I just never get it right unless i measure it out.  My brain cooks for 4 when its just for myself.

I do think that supermarkets don’t make it easy for cooking for one.  A lot of the good value options are huge packets of stuff, especially fresh food which unless I plan to eat the same thing for a week (which I get bored as hell with and go seeking snacks) there’s not much good in buying.

I have to have a final hurrah to get rid of things from my  cupboard, fridge and freezer. I think my flatmate will be the recipient of some gifted random foods which he will devour in due course.

Anyway this is where I am starting from.  Lets see where I end up.

14222258_10154322418261013_7865750981920213963_n 13769432_10154180076581013_5923167818398380476_n 15055633_10154506865336013_2345512042017948060_n

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