January 1st- Cupboard purge and big shop

The new year is upon us and I am determined to get going in the right way. I have cleared out my cupboards of all the naughty food, donated some to my flat mate and taken the non perishables to the food bank basket in Tesco. 
After last years dieting activitys I realised that thing I had learned and forgotten times before about shopping around for bargains. Lots of people grab so much food in places like pound land but in actuality they aren’t always the best value as supermarkets do such good multi buys and own brand options. Fruit and veg stalls are also worth a good look. My experience is the stuff from them is pretty good value – especially later in the day but it doesn’t always last too long which when looking for value and cooking for one most of the time isn’t always the best combo. So I get excited and grab stuff there when I am planning a big cook up – like I am today.

Something else I realised last year is thst making lufe easy for myself is immensely helpful, so I plan to batch cook and freeze soups, stews and such delicious things so I can just defrost them in the fridge and bish bash bosh theres my lunch for work the next day.

I had a good wander pound land and the fruit and veg stalls in town and Tesco and managed to get everything I felt I needed for the sum of £43.  That included a garlic crusher from pound land which admittedly is not a need item, but I will be so much more likely to use fresh garlic now I have it and not waste cash on purée at 3 times the cost, the long term is a saving!

From this shop I have and hope to make:

  • 6-8 portions of Carrot and Fennel soup to make.
  • 4 – 5 portions of veggie chilli with cauliflower rice to make.
  • 12-14 portions of mixed veg to chop and freeze into microwaveable bags to make.
  • 12 breakfast flap jacks to make.
  • 4 portions of vegetable curry to make.
  • 4 oven dinner stuffs with salad.
  • 20 bags of low calorie crisps.
  • 20 low calorie sweet snacks inc. soreen and biscuits.
  • 14 portions of salted pretzels.
  • 8 small apples.
  • 12 flat breads.

And more stuff I can’t remember off the top of my head.  Pretty chuffed with this as a starter!


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