Cheap lazy veg?

I like those ready frozen portions of mixed veg you can just hurl in the microwave to steam.  I know big bags of frozen veg is a cheap way of eating but I know myself that I never fancy it from those big icy bags. There’s something about those little helpful steaming packs that makes me want to eat them, so I don’t want to ignore a healthy urge!

So, questions on my mind.

  • Can I make them cheaper?
  • Can you buy freezer bags that are microwave friendly?

The answer to both of these it turns out is yes!

It costs about £2.00 for the supermarket own brand of those veg sachets and with 4 in the pack that’s rather expensive at about 50p each. I’ve brought them for ages and not really thought about the value to long and hard. So with my shopping mission the other day I sought to make my own.

The bags it turned out I already had in the draw. I must have gotten them ages ago for some purpose, these are the expensive bit, about £2 – £3 for 40 I think.  So for this time my cost was lower as I didn’t have to buy the bags.

The food was

  • Carrots – 49p – 1 kilo
  • Broccoli- 98p – 2 tops
  • Peppers – 75p – 3 bells
  • Sweetcorn- 25p – 1/4 large frozen bag
  • Total – 2.47
  • Divided by 9 portions- 27p

So, yes I can make it cheaper, almost half price!  Taking into consideration the cost of the bags, it will be more, but Lidl and the street market were closed, I only had the market fronted shops and tesco to look around so I bet I can bring the food cost down to compensate. I have over estimated the amount of sweetcorn I used just to be sure, it was less than 1/4 of a bag. I don’t need the peppers in there every time, I’ll just rotate with the veg that’s cheap.  And my portion size was larger than the supermarket bags by about a 1/3. So next time I can reduce that as well.

All in all, this was a great experiment and I give glad thanks to my boyfriend for helping me peel and chop all the veggies!



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