Parsnip bargain!

I took full advantage of a post Christmas parsnip bonanza at Tesco this week. The mountain of veg had clearly not sold and thus a plethora of crates of parsnips were in the discount veg area.

I brought 3 bags for 12p each and carted them home to decide what to do.

After a day or so I realised I couldn’t decide on a likely solution quick enough so I decided to chop, peel and blanch them then freeze them into bags so I can use them later.

This was my first blanching session so we shall see how they turn out when defrosted but it seemed to go fine!

Last year I made some lovely parsnip mash so I’ve earmarked a few bags for that and I love a crispy roast parsnip so some will go that way for sure. I need to find a good soup recipe too… hmm..


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