Carrot and Fennel Soup – yes please!

Before I started this whole health kick off, the cafe at work were doing a creamy carrot and fennel soup. I remembered not liking fennel at all as its so aniseedy but the lady offered me a little taster and WOW. Seriously yummy!  

That soup became a legend in my mind so while shopping the other day I threw a couple of fennel bulbs into the trolley.

I hunted around for a good recipe and decided that I would cobble my own concoction together from a range of options. The best looking ones I found were on Jamie Oliver’s website and you can find that recipe link here. And a lovely broth version on 101cookbooks here.

That all looks fab but I am trying to control my calories and still sustain myself through the working day. So a soup with lots of olive oil and cream is not going to be great for lunch, as thats a bunch of calories there, and a broth looks amazing but I always want great hunks of bread with a thin soup!

I ended up with

  • 900g carrots
  • 2 Fennel bulbs
  • 3/4 of an onion
  • 1 liter of veg stock
  • 1 Garlic bulb
  • Sprinkle of Garlic powder
  • Few squirts of Olive oil spray
  • Salt and pepper 

So. I cooked the carrot, fennel and onion fairy dry in the oven, with just a few squirts of my kitchen favourite – olive oil spray. There are 2 calories per spray in the one I’m using. I used a lower heat to stop them going too quickly as the point of it is to help the veg release their sweetness as they cook. I seasoned it well and everything came out just great. 

I added veg stock and simmered it for a good while in a saucepan.

I was pondering leaving it broth like, or blitzing it to a pulp and chose to blitz with a stick blender. As I’m freezing these soups it’s easier to portion off if its all one consistency.

I made 6 portions of soup and divided them into takeaway style food boxes and froze them. These boxes are perfect as they are a little smaller than my click lock seal lunch box, so I defrost one over night in the fridge, by morning its loose enough to pop out straight into the lock box with no mess at all. 

I’ve rediscovered Tesco’s flat breads they do in a 6 pack. They are only about 100 kcal each and freeze so much better than the pittas or sandwich thins I had in the past.

All in 2 breads and a soup are 317 calories and it fills me up very, very well for the afternoon!

Here is the finished item, thats my foldable spoon there not a baby one!


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