Discount food and freezing raspberries

On my way home I remembered that the local tesco express doesn’t open on a Sunday and often has great discounts on fruit and veg the night before.  I swung by on to see what was there and got a few discounted bits.

  • 40p Raspberry punnets
  • 34p Spring greens (huge pack) 

I got 3 punnets of the raspberries as they looked fine and not mushy.

Ok, so I got my bargains but now not to waste them I have to find something to make!

Stay tuned for those dishes as I make them, but one thing I did right away was to wash and freeze half the raspberries.

Easy to do and will save them from spoiling before I get round to cooking them. 

Freeze those berries!

Wash the fruit carefully and dry it without damaging the berries.

Place on a tray with a baking sheet underneath with gaps between them.

Pop them in the freezer.

Take them out once frozen and decant them into a freezer bag to save space. Voila!


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