Reduce my waste cooking plan!

I’ve somehow ended up with loads of fresh food in the fridge that needs using up. My plan is to turn them into two separate things. A low calorie chutney, and a soup.
A big part of this health and economy drive is about not being wasteful so hopefully I’ll end up with more space in the fridge to actually see what’s in there after this evening!

I have found this Tesco in the city that has these wonderful discounts on Friday and Saturday nights presumably because the City is empty at the weekend – this is how my issue has arisen! I’ve been gathering super cheap veg and fruit with no forward plan. 

Pondering my situation I’ve decided for now to keep at it as it’s actually making me try new things out, and I’m not throwing any of it away.

Today I got;

  • Punnet of mushrooms- 62p
  • Radishes – 51p
  • Pack of celery- 24p

Radishes not a huge saving but I eat loads so thats a good one.

The other day I got

  • Kiwi fruit x6 – 34p

Along with all my other stuff it’s been a super cheap week!


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