Roasted Greens Soup

I’m a firm believer that you can’t cock a soup up and so this one is a total shot in the dark to use up a bunch of stuff!
I’ve a huge bag of spring greens in the fridge which need using and a tummy that hates acidy bitter food right now so what to do? I’ve been researching how to take the bitterness out of greens and having found various methods I’ve plumped for roasting them within an inch of their life.

Lets see how this goes! 

(Spoiler alert – it went well!)


  • 385g 1 bag Spring Greens
  • 500g 1 small White cabbage
  • 113g 1 Onion
  • 3 cloves of Garlic
  • 100g 2 Celery sticks
  • 391g ¼ large Cauliflower
  • 173g 3 Small Potatoes 
  • 119g 1 Green Pepper 
  • 117g 1 Courgette
  • 73g 1 Pak Choi
  • 15g Flora light
  • 10g Brown Sugar
  • 1.5 cubes in 1 liter Vegetable Stock
  • Salt and pepper
  • extra Water


Put all veg except cauliflower, white cabbage and celery in a roasting pan with the peeled garlic, flora dotted around in blobs and sugar sprinkled over. Add a cup of water and cover with foil. Roast for about an hour checking regularly to move greens around to prevent them burning. Add more water if needed.

Meanwhile make up the stock and add to a large pan. Bring to the boil and add the celery, white cabbage and cauliflower. Gently simmer till the veg is softened. Put aside till roasted veg is done.
Remove roasting tray from oven and add roasted veg to the large pan.

Bring back to the boil and add more water if needed. Add seasoning to taste. Simmer for 5 – 10 minutes to combine.

Remove from the heat, cool a while and attack with a stick blender till smooth and pulpy.

Enjoy your yummy soup! It turned out really great! This made me 8 portions at 99 calories each.

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