New health Tracker and bargains..

I’ve had a lovely couple of days wandering around the City and Greenwich with my better half, getting up to mischief and eating some great food.

In among this I have picked up a few bargains and gotten myself a new health tracker.  In my favourite Tesco I discovered,

  • a bag of Celery – 10p
  • pack of 3 Peppers – 58p
  • 2 packs of Kingsmill sandwich thins – 62p each.

All of these things I use a lot – the sandwich thins aren’t my favourite but normally I only get 6 breads for £1 so 12 for £1.24 is totally worth it for a week’s lunches.

I got strait on with using these bits up for tonight’s dinner which was a nice low calorie (about 300 Calories for the lot) Creamy Quorn and mushroom one pot affair. I used one of the peppers and some of the celery tonight along with; with 2 Quorn chicken fillet things, some of the bargain mushrooms from the other day, a bit of garlic, two tablespoons of Philadelphia cheese n chives and a tablespoon of that Kiwi Chutney I made this week.  I have more for dinner tomorrow and I am very glad as its YUM.


Another random find was in the Co-Op this afternoon where I found some 4 meter rolls of Christmas Wrapping paper for 2 pence each!  I got 2 and stashed them in the Xmas box for the end of the year.  Bloody amazing.



The best buy of the day however wasn’t so cheap but It will be used every waking hour so I figure this will pay itself off very quickly!

I’ve been using my iPhone app for tracking my steps but I just don’t think its been cutting it at work.  I walk around all day but its not tracking the amount that I move.  Perhaps its because I amble about slowly its not registering, or perhaps its in the wrong pocket. Either way that is not something I can change. I had a fitness band last year which worked great, tracked accurately but sadly went missing.  I have been making do with my phone since then but as I am really on a mission now I thought it was time for a new device.

I’ve been checking out the options and WOW there are some super expensive options out there.  I have friends with the windows thingmebob, the fitbit, the jawbone, the garmin and so on, all of which have so many features and benefits.

What I decided I really needed from the device was;

  1. To track my steps
  2. To track distance
  3. To track calories burned
  4. To have a set goal feature
  5. To take in to account my stride length, height and weight to be more accurate
  6. To tell me the time

I don’t need it to;

  1. Check my sleep – I sleep well anyway
  2. Check my heart rate – Had many tests over the years this is not an issue
  3. Track different types of activity – I have a back issue so walking is the thing for me these days
  4. Be a wrist device – My last one fell off.. Grrrr..
  5. Buzz or vibrate at me – I check the thing all the time out of habit anyway
  6. To interact/sync with my phone – I can just check the thing like I do anyway and type it in!

After looking at all the options I realised that I don’t need to buy one of the super expensive ones at this point. A cheap option will do and is more on track with my thrift plan anyway.

So, I checked around and found a few options, plumping in the end for the Sportline Digital Goal Pedometer, which I purchased from Argos (Who called it the Sportline Pro) for £14.00.

Here’s the link to the product.ped03

It has all of those things I wanted, the time, steps, calories, distance, goal and personal measurements and was so cheap I had to give it a whirl.

The reviews on Argos’s website are all really good, people seem to like it and having got it going this evening it seems to be pretty accurate to my movements.

Downside will be that it isn’t rechargeable.  I’ll see how long the battery lasts, hopefully a couple of months at least.  Also I will find out tomorrow if the gentle rocking of London Transport gives me any unwarranted steps added on.  This is irritating and has happened in the past with other devices. Also its not that sexy, but who cares when its tucked into my pants!

Watch this space to see how it goes!




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