Pie Shop treat!

Well folks its my first proper treat day. I’ve lost about 7 pounds in weight since the beginning of the year and I’m very chuffed indeed.

So time for a treat dinner and I’ve chosen the glorious Goddard’s Pie Shop in Greenwich, London. These guys  have been around since 1890 and not only make the most incredible pies at a great price (mine was £5.50 with a can of coke) but they have the best, friendliest staff you could want to meet.

Todays treat was a Chicken and mushroom pie, mash and gravy. TOP NOTCH NOMNOMNOM.

And to top it all If I walk off another 63 calories in the way home I’m still on target for the day!


One thought on “Pie Shop treat!

  1. It is important to treat yourself after a period of dieting. I intend to have my treat every last day of the month. It is a type of reward of sticking to your plans, no? Of course, that does not mean dieting is a tiring chore, it shouldn’t be; but sometimes you just want that calorie bomb that is oh so delicious. 😀

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