Emergency soup !

Its been a long day but after work I had to pop into the supermarket to pick up some shampoo. Whereupon I found my usual brand was £5 a bottle, or £7 for 2. This seems rather steep to me and as I have super silly skin I don’t really want to commit to that much of the stuff as suddenly things will irritate me which were once fine.  So I’ve gone for the Tesco own brand sensitive version. My theory with a lot of own brand stuff is that it’s basically the same as the branded stuff so I’m giving it a whirl. We shall soon see if it is ok with my daft skin!

You gotta love the seasonal discount isle.  In among the chocolates with suspiciously short shelf dates you come across genuine gems.  Another Christmasy bargain find tonight which has been stashed in the cupboard was a box of 6 Xmas racing penguin crackers for 50p. 

I’m dead chuffed with these. They were originally £6 and look like a right giggle. I’ve informed my mum not to but any next year, but we will both probably forget by then! 

But what about this emergency soup?? Well I struck gold in the discount veg bin once again. This time I was later than usual and it turns out this is the joyful time of the single figure yellow sticker prices.  Here’s what I found;

  • Lettuce 5p
  • Shredded mixed cabbage 6p
  • Diced veg soup mix 6p
  • Cress box 1p

Wooo! So naturally I nabbed them. Only issue is I am fully stocked with soups and didn’t really need all this food but weyhey the deep freezer is available so an emergency batch of soup has been forthcoming. I had the lettuce with my creamy mushroom dinner I made last night and its not soggy at all so will do fine tomorrow too. The rest went straight into my big soup pot along with the rest of a cauliflower that needed using, a dollop of my Kiwi Chutney, 2 veg stock  cubes and seasoning.  Results- NOM.  Another 8 dinners there and this is very low calorie at about 70 per portion, but really filling. 


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