Winter Clothes find

I learned many years ago that I can easily fit into clothes from the kids section in the largest sizes. Thats usually 15-16 year but sometimes 13-14. I am no slim lady (hence the diet) so it’s worth a go folks!  There is no VAT on most childrens clothes up to 13-14 year sizes in the UK and you can find a great bargain in there. Obviously many of the clothes are not my natural choice, I’m not going to be rocking a frozen tshirt any time soon, but for work black trousers and plain tees the back to school section is pretty useful.  I always have a passing glance at the sale rail in the supermarket.

There were a few bits and bobs but nothing super exciting, then I spotted a Christmas pudding hat. I had been eyeing them up in the winter but not really up for spending cash on a hat I’ll only wear for December. So I saw this one and it was priced as £1! Yey! I chucked it in my basket along with the cutest £1 penguin socks I had also found and headed for the checkout. Looking at it more it’s got a lovely fleece lining and actually lights up. Not convinced I’ll be usung that function but still there we go!

I got a few other things, some fruit I fancied and some other bits and paid my dues.

On the bus I had my usual glance at the receipt so see how much I had saved and blow me down with a feather, the hat had gone through at just 4 pence!!!!

I am needless to say most chuffed! That’s going in the xmas box for next year!


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