Yellow sticker bin of destiny 

Another great swoop on the vegetable sticker bin tonight in Tesco and more soup in the freezer. 

This lot cost me the princely sum of £1.52! 

I really don’t know how the guys doing the discounts cope when its busy. My friend had that job for a while and he nearly lost it a few times with people barging into him and grabbing stuff. I’ve never seen it that busy as today as I was there earlier and its a Saturday. I kept back and dodged in in the gaps, most people were after the fruit and salad stuff rather than the veg. 

Think I’ll stick to my later times as I’m not into shoving and agro just to get an organic cucumber…

I made 9 portions of soup out of this plus some bits from yesterday. Not my greatest ever soup so I’m not posting the recipe, but its ok, I’ll eat it all up and it’s really healthy.

Lesson learned- not a huge fan of celeriac!!


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