Busy week

So it’s been a very busy week for me. I’ve barely had time to think let alone do anything substantial cooking wise, though by and large I have been good, and have lost more weight so hooray for that.

I have found a few bargains in Tesco’s sticker bins this week, including two jars of Baxters preserve for 13p each with a date of 2018! Must be changing their stock – I am more than happy to help!

I’ve have more success with the cold meat bin, having some really lovely turkey and roast pork with my dinners all under 80p for a good 200 grams.

Tonight’s dinner came in at about £1.60 for the portion of ingredients with roast turkey, okra, sugar snaps, mushrooms, beetroot and a stir in dolmio sauce, all of which were stickered but the mushrooms and beetroot. I have over half a pack of all the veg’s left for further concoctions too. Yay!

I meant to photograph it before I started but oops I forgot… still here it is minus the beets and greens which for some reason I ate first… it was yum! (Yes my tray is bright)

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