Tummy trouble – updated 

Typically and like the herald of doom I posted about health issues and healthy eating last week, and guess what? My stomach decided to embrace IBS once again this morning.

I veered from under active to over active bathroom crisis, called in sick, went in anyway.

When this occurs I have to go to plain carb food. Biscuits and cheesy nibbles sort me out for some reason so my calorie count is destroyed for the day.  If I had binged like this in other circumstances I would be on a downer and feeling rubbish, but I have learned to accept the crisis management over the years.

And so, I am of to do an hour and a half long talk while feeling horrible and hoping I last the duration!

Wish me luck guys!


I made it!  My talk went great and with any luck things have settled down properly and much quicker than usual. Hooray!

Onwards and upwards.


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