Carrot and Dill Soup 

Inspired by a cheap bunch of dill I picked up this evening I decided to make some Carrot and Dill Soup.

I figured I’ve been making soup for a while now so I’ll just go for it and see what happens. Normally I dig around and read a bunch of ideas before making a lower calorie version, but not today. Today was for cracking on and having a go.

I grabbed all my discounted vegetables and a few things that needed using like a bit of beetroot I had left over, and got chopping. I didn’t end up using it all, a few bits in my photo I didn’t use but I’ve now only got usable good things left in my fridge which is super pleasing.

And it went well!


  • 430g Carrots 
  • 450g Casserole mix bag (containing leeks, red onion, new potatoes, carrots and turnip I think?)
  • 416g Parsnips
  • 90g Beetroot 
  • 80g Sugar snap peas
  • Big handful of Dill
  • 1 Clove of Garlic 
  • 1 liter Vegetable Stock 
  • 6 Squirts of olive oil spray 
  • Salt and pepper 


I split the casserole bag and cooked off the onions and leeks with the garlic in my huge soup pan with the oil spray. 

When soft, I added the stock, followed by the remaining ingredients. I gently boiled till the carrots and potatoes were just soft.

Then removed from the heat to cool a little, before viciously blending the soup to death with my stick blender. 


At this point the beetroot does a marvellous thing and enhances the colour of the soup so it looks super orange! Love it.

This made me 8 portions at 101 calories each, and it tastes darn good. Yey!


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