Yellow sticker addiction…



It has come to my attention that I am developing a problem with yellow stickers. I can’t stop hunting for them.


Rather than doing any normal shopping for things I want, I am instead seeing what is cheap and getting those instead.


I am currently debating if this is a good thing or not.

Arguments against

  • It’s taking up an extra half hour of my evenings roaming supermarkets.
  • Possibly the security guards are getting twitchy about my avid daily attendance.
  • I am now seeing normal prices as ‘expensive’

Arguments for

  • I am trying new foods
  • I am getting far more than 5 a day
  • I am spending way less money overall even if I’m not planning meals
  • I am walking more and burning off more calories!
  • Its extremely satisfying
  • Its competitive – got to get that bag of celery before the man with the beard…
  • There are unicorns and rainbows…probably


So it would seem that the pros out way the cons.  What a relief.  So  I won’t be checking myself into yellow sticker rehab any time soon then.

I’m off home tonight to enjoy a £1.70 yellow stickered Chinese buffet for one.  Bon appetite!


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