Ethiopian dinner!!!

After my success with Tikel Gomen I decided to have a go at a whole meal. 


I am very pleased to report that it was delicious!!!

I made a huge amount of food for my friends and seconds were had – for me thats a good indicator of success.

I made Misr Wat(red lentils), Tikel Gomen(potato and veg), Spinach side and an Injera(sour dough pancake).

It was all so easy to cook, extremely cheap to make and I can’t believe how yummy it was – I’ve eaten Ethiopian food many times before and I was convinced it would be super difficult to replicate. 

None of the ingredients in these dishes are hard to find – there is a spice called Berbere which I had to seek out in Waitrose, but you can use other spices in replacement. 

Misr Wat is such a comforting dish. It’s warm, not too spicy and like a cuddle to the tummy. This was particularly good and yey I have loads left over!

Injera is usually fermented overnight. It’s a sourdough with yeast and teff flour and is really tasty. The version I made was very quick and a good replacement. I was sceptical but really pleased with the result.

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