Lucky food finds!

It’s been a great few days for food finds. After a long period of not much luck, and slipping off my diet for a couple of weeks it seems my luck has turned again.  Hurrah!

It started in my old favourite Tesco in the city which had a random entire roll cage of medium size eggs for 32p a box.  And the date is not for almost two weeks. Yay! I got two boxes for myself and one for my flatmate. Egg party at our house!

Next up was a random give away stand for Felix cat food I passed in Waterloo station. I was in a bit of a rush so didn’t have time to linger there but it was all in aid of an ad campaign which has been all over Facebook today.  See here. Great fun, I wish I had time to muck about. Two sachets of cat food however, for free? Yes please! Now, the fact I don’t actually own a cat may initially be cause for concern, but my flatmates folks do, so a free dinner for the furry felines Jones and Porkins it is. Meowzers!

And for the grand finale my fella and I popped into the big Tesco to grab some tinned tomatoes for a dish he is making us tomorrow- look out for the recipe coming up soon – when we happened upon the discount bin final reductions. 

  • 2 punnets of finest vine tomatoes – 15p each.
  • 2 bags of finest Ramiro pointed peppers – 15p each.
  • 1 bundle of broccoli – 4p
  • 4 avocado pack – 18p


Then in the middle of an isle, at the bottom of a roll cage which I initially thought was new stock I spotted a yellow sticker poking out. Uncle Bens Sweet and Sour rice time lunch pots, loads of them at 50p each.  EPIC!  I swooped in and picked up 12.  That’s two and a half weeks of work lunches for 6 quid. I am so chuffed. They aren’t the best calorie wise at 330kcal but not too bad, and they really fill me up.

So, all in all a great week!

Tip – try tesco veg bins at half 10 at night, bargains to be had!


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