April Challenge Day 1

And we’re off!  Here were my totals for the beginning of the month.

  • £5.50 Tesco voucher 
  • £20.82 Loose Cash

And that’s what I have to play with this April, plus my old cupboard stocks. There’s going to be a lot of weird mixed pasta and rice dinners coming up..

Things were off to a blooming good start as I found a huge load of yellow sticker treasure in Tesco.

City branch

  • 42p 4 focaccia rolls
  • 47p 6 organic vine tomatoes 
  • 14p box of cherry tomatoes 
  • 21p bag of celery 
  • 7p bag of radishes 
  • 29p stir fry mixed veg bag
  • 22p sweet crunchy lettuce 
  • 11p baby leaf salad

Home branch

  • 15p x 2 six gala apples
  • 10p x 2 big bag of potatoes 
  • 10p x 2 chow mein sauce
  • 85p light mayonnaise (no discount)

Total £3.48

This will keep me going for ages!!! Bloody brilliant!

I used a couple of spuds to make a mash and had that weirdly with the stir fry and a chow mein sauce. Yum. And lunch for tomorrow.

Tonight I have also used up some eggs and fermenting bananas I’ve left to fester in the back of the fridge-oops- and made 2 banana bread loaves. I’m going to freeze one for later in the month. 

All in all a very good start!

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