Grocery challenge April – not fooling around!

Well folks it’s April the 1st and as promised I am not going to be using my wages from this month to pay for any of my groceries. I’ve been feeding my loose change box and have my £5.50 tesco voucher to tide me over so fingers crossed! I will count up my coins later on and see what I am actually playing with. 

I haven’t cheated and filled my cupboard up to the top, there is some food there just as any normal month but not enough to get me through by any means!!

My rules are as follows.

  • No groceries including food, toiletries and household products are to be brought with any of my wages from my last pay cheque.
  • I will avoid using my wages at all through this month – my boyfriend is on side here and wants a frugal month himself.
  • What ever is left over in my account I will put towards my holiday this summer.
  • No cheating and using credit cards!
  • No cheating and letting my fella pay for everything! We split meals when he is around, nothing will change here but he had better look out for weird dinners while I am using things up! 
  • I will try to use up the random bits and bobs lurking in my cupboard I have been avoiding. Get yee gone!
  • I will be honest and confess if things go wrong, but I am not anticipating this as I do what I say.

My two caveats are as follows.

  • Medical purchases like prescriptions are excluded. I consider these bills anyway.
  • I have a birthday gift to purchase – this I am excluding from my mission as it’s not my mates fault I’m doing this!

And so here we go! Wish me luck folks!

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