What’s the plan?

I started the year on a health kick and lost several stone but the call of onion rings and other such rubbish became too strong and I slowly fell back into my old ways.    I have increasingly been having a bloomin’ nightmare with my stomach.  Last year I discovered that I was lactose intolerant which although is irritating has helped a lot.  I was able to eat ice cream in Rome  on holiday as the rise of vegan food (although not vegan myself) gave me some wonderful lactose friendly choices so HURRAH for that!  Still there is clearly something else going on which eating a lot more sensibly will hopefully iron out.

Christmas was brilliant, a wonderful time filled with friends family and celebration.  Just as last year we said we would spend less on prezzies and be more sensible with food.  Well that went out of the window!  I have no regrets!  It was all worth it.  And so here I am.  A stone and a bit heavier and still yet to pay off that holiday from the Autumn.

So this is my plan.  Operation Eat Well Spend Less.

My mission is to post my progress, tips I pick up, recipes I find and anything else that is relevant to saving cash and loosing a bit of weight.

I am going to use My Fitness Pal to track my calories and Apple Health to keep track of my step count for the day.  I’ve used both before and rate them highly.

What works best for me is lots of small bites to eat. I am a nibbler  of snacks so trying to abstain is a quick route to failure. My days look something like this; a small 150-200 kcal breakfast, a light calorie lunch, say 300 kcal with a few 100 kcal snacks during the afternoon, and then a nice big dinner and a 100kcal snack in the evening.  I make sure I have a range of sweet and savoury snacks in the house, all 50-150 calories – raw veg sticks give me indigestion in the evening and rarely do I fancy them anyway!

Points to note.

  • I am on a low-ish income, working full time and live in the middle of London.
  • I need to find quick and easy meals to make.  By the time I get home after work its gone 7.30 and eating late doesn’t suit my stupid stomach.
  • I am not vegan or veggie but I really don’t eat much meat or fish.
  • Fresh and cheap will be obtained where possible but I am not on a mission to cook and travel myself into the ground trying to get to food markets and fayres.  Also I won’t stick to this if its a faff.  Realistic if not noble!
  • I am not on a crusade against sugar or fat, I plan to balance my calorie intake.
  • I don’t drink tea, coffee or alcohol apart from rare occasions.  I don’t really drink cola anymore either so if I want another diet soda I’ll have one.  Been drinking them since I was a kid and I’m still standing!
  • I’m also willing to try and earn a few extra quid with small projects.  Might turn my hand to some mystery shopping or ebaying or something like that.